#Artbreak has now come to a close. Thank you all for sharing your #artbreak creations with us! We reveled in every detailed doodle, witty poem, and elaborate collage. The support we received for #artbreak encourages the youngsters at 826 National to explore their own imaginations with creative freedom.

For those of you still curious about all-things #artbreak, please see below.

Plumb thinks everybody should take at least five short minutes a day for an #artbreak—a short timeout from the busy hubbub to do something creative, from drawings to haikus.

At Plumb we love doing creative activities because they inspire our minds, hearts, and imaginations (plus, they’re fun), but we’ve also learned that taking an #artbreak for as little as five minutes a day provides many of the same benefits as meditation: it boosts immune system functioning, reduces anxiety and stress reaction, aids healing, and, of course, increases creative growth. And there’s no reason why you have to stop after five minutes if you’ve got the time, so after a few months, before you know it, you might just have finished that novel.


Click to download one of artist Tucker Nichols’s Plumb coloring sheets to get your #artbreak started. Scroll down to admire and download the other three.

We thought it would be great fun to see what everybody came up with during their #artbreaks, so we put a hashtag in front of it. And we also thought that it would be nice to have more creativity come out of this creativity, so to spread the word on #artbreak Plumb has partnered with 826 National, the celebrated nonprofit that provides under-resourced students aged six to eighteen with inventive programs to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. Plumb will donate $1 to 826 National for every Instagram photo, Facebook post, and Twitter tagged #artbreak, up to $2,500.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered:

  • Get inspiration from artist Tucker Nichols (and Plumb’s creative director) and read why he takes artbreaks.
  • Download Plumb coloring sheets by Tucker Nichols to print out and jump-start your own creations.
  • Peruse these 11 ideas for your daily #artbreak time.

Don’t forget to share your #artbreak sketches, doodles, and musings on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by uploading an image and tagging the post with #artbreak.

Click on a coloring sheet to download it, print it out, and start your #artbreak.




Are you a blogger who’s interested in featuring #artbreak on your blog? Contact us at [email protected] to chat more about the importance of #artbreak and how you can win a prize Plumb package for one of your readers.