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All Out Of Pad (Red)

Who hasn’t wandered blindly at the grocery store, trying to remember what to buy? Stick this bestselling shopping list notepad on your fridge and check off depleted items as you run out, then replenish with ease and certainty when next you shop.

  • A great gift for any head of household
  • Never forget the milk again with the perfect grocery list pad
  • 6 x 9 inches, 60 sheets; magnet on back
  • Available in green, blue, pink, horizontal, and as a hand-lettered pad too
  • See our All Out of Pad in action! video
SKU: 12019 ISBN: 978-160106154-6

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12 Customer Reviews

All Out Of Pad (Red) Average Customer Review
5out of 5 12 user reviews.
Average Customer Review
  1. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    All Out Of...

    Been using these for over 4 years now. Can’t live without it!

  2. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    Love it!

    I love this! We bought a stack of four so that we’d never run out! I think ‘All out of pad’ should be an option on the All Out Of pad.

  3. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    My Pad

    I can’t shop without it!

  4. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    All Out OF grocery pad

    It was a gift from my daughter and I find it to be indispensable.

  5. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    All out of pad

    This little pad is brilliant! I love using it. Please don’t ever stop making it.

  6. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    I made my own years ago -- you are BRILLIANT!

    I haven’t ordered this yet — but I am now! Actually I created my own “grocery map” several years ago, over a long period of time. I made a table organized into grocery story aisles (mapped onto the store we visit most often). I labeled the aisles (numbers and hanging-sign labels) but customized the listings under each aisle according to the particular items WE USUALLY BUY. I print a stack and magnet it to the fridge. Each time we run out, we just CIRCLE the item. Oh, I left blanks for one-time/unusual items too. And blanks for other items and other stores (the vet, office supplies, drug store). As I use the Map, I’ve had customers walk up and ask me, “Where did you get that?!” I’ve emailed it to many people so they can customize it. It’s just helpful to know which aisle actually has, say, bread crumbs (different in every store!). My recommendation is to design this wonderful pad with blanks for aisle numbers. Otherwise, a brilliant idea whose time has long since come, and I’m so glad to find fellow genius shopping mavens. — Ann W. (Asheville NC)

  7. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    Love it!!!!!!

    Every time I would go to the store, I would forget what to buy. This pad changed that. It is brilliant!!!

  8. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    Super shopper!

    This was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! Since my first one I have made sure everyone in the family has one. Everyone’s is a different color. We even have one (in a different color) at our vacation home. It makes my life so much easier. I love it! Thank you!

  9. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    LOVE IT!

    I love this pad! I have run out and am back to buy a new one! It’s much easier than making a list of my own and trying to remember everything we need!

  10. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    This pad is brilliant!

    We’re on our third pad and love using it. We shop once a week and sit down with All Out Of, What To Eat, and our recipe books and plan out our week. Saves us so much time and money.

  11. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    Best list ever

    These are my favorite, you can’t forget something on the list! The extra blanks help. It does have some duplicate items, however it’s still amazing!!

  12. All Out Of Pad (Red)

    Fun List, Need More Room

    I wish there was a little more room for the fill in the blank ones, but overall, this list is one of the most-used ones from this company! I like it a lot. :)

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