Our Authors

Meet the creative geniuses behind recent Knock Knock titles. Have a brilliant book idea yourself? Visit our Book Submissions page for details.

Jason ShapiroJason Shapiro Author of The Memory Hoarder's Journal by Knock Knock
Author of The Memory Hoarder’s Journal




Robert MaharRobert Mahar for Knock Knock | Paper Ribbons & Paint-by-Number Postcards
Artist and designer behind our Paint-By-Number Postcards and Personal Award Ribbons




Dana EagleDana Eagle - How to Be Depressed: a Guide Author
Author of How to Be Depressed: A Guide




Neely ShearerNeely Shearer
Author of In Heroes We Trust




Megan Rubiner ZinnMegan Rubiner Zinn
Author of Our Precious Pooper




Hand & Knuckle Society
Authors of The High Five Handbook




Suzi BarrettSuzi Barrett
Author of Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards to Help You Help Yourself—without the Self-Helpy-Ness!




Knock Knock Author David ViennaDavid Vienna
Author of Calm the F*ck Down




Ty FosterLICK Photographer Ty Foster
Author of LICK, LICK Puppies, and LICK Notecards




Rinee ShahThe Made-Up Words Project Author Rinee Shah
Author of The Made-Up Words Project




Marc HartzmanAuthor Marc Hartzman Headshot
Author of Anti-Social Network Journal