Author: Neely Shearer

Native Californian Neely Shearer, creator and curator of In Heroes We Trust, began her career as a journalist, fashion designer, and stylist in Japan, and opened her first boutique in West Hollywood in the late 1990s. There, she connected with local street artists and began exhibiting their work. In 2014, Shearer established the Venice, CA-based boutique In Heroes We Trust as a creative hub for emerging designers, street art, good vibes, and hula hooping. Her Dad, David Bowie, and Pepé Le Pew top her list of all-time favorite heroes.

Neely Shearer


Featured artists from In Heroes We Trust include: Anthony Lister, Beastman, Ben Eine, Blek Le Rat, C215, Chase, Daas, David “Meggs” Hooke, Diana Garcia, Eelco, El Seed, Elle, Faith 47, Fin Dac, Herakut, Hula, Ian Ross, Isabelle Alford Lago, James Bullough, Jef Aérosol, Kashink, Kenor, Laguna, Lauren YS, Lek & Sowat, Li-Hill, Low Bros, Made Of Hagop, Mark Gmehling, Max Neutra, Midas Lives, Mikael B, Mina Hamada, Miss Van, Morley, Morten Andersen, Mr. Prvrt, Nychos, Okuda, Olek, Pichi Avo, Rei Blinky, Risk, Robbie Conal, Ron English, Skount, Snik, Spaik, Stinkfish, Super A, Teachr, The London Police, Vesod, Vexta, Waone of Interesni Kazki, Woes, Wrdsmth, Yok and Sheryo, Zio Ziegler, and Zosen.