Desktop Inspiration Generator

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Be your own guru! Change your own life! Make your own work-from-home magic! Therapy is expensive—and, for that matter, enlightenment. Why wait for the answers to be revealed from a shrink, guru, or tarot cards when you can flip this extraordinary easel and get some thought-provoking (or amusing) wisdom in a flash? And if you don't like the message the universe has delivered, just go ahead and turn the pages until you do!
  • Inspirational quotes, daily affirmations, mantras—call them what you like, your desk deserves them
  • Office gifts for your most mystical coworkers (or unicorns)!
  • 100 sheets; easel covered in holographic paper
  • From Suzi Barrett, the creator and author of Affirmators!® affirmation decks
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ISBN: 9781683490616