Author: David Vienna

Anyone Can Be President, David Vienna Calm the F*ck Down, Drinks for Mundane Tasks, and Are We There Yet? author David Vienna began his post-college career as a journalist, but quickly realized journalism doesn’t pay well. So, he transitioned to writing for reality television, which also didn’t pay well, but he could do it at home without pants.

After the birth of his twin sons, Wyatt and Boone, he started a parenting blog on Tumblr called The Daddy Complex. Gaining attention for his raw and humorous take on the challenges of fatherhood, the site earned him a spot on Babble’s Funniest Blogs list three years in a row and The Daily Beast named his Twitter account @thedaddycomplex a Beast Best. In the meantime, he wrote three musicals, which were produced at the San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, one of the oldest continuously running community theatres in the nation, and he once met Miss Piggy. He loves his wife and kids, E.L.O., ’70s horror films, Philly cheesesteaks, and napping.

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