Authors: James Hull and Bede Brennan

James Hull and Bede Brennan - Shit Gardens Authors

Creators of the Instagram page and coffee-table book Shit Gardens, James Hull and Bede Brennan both grew up in the leafy town of Bellingen in northern New South Wales, Australia. The two met in high school and bonded over a mutual and powerful dislike of their eighth-grade mathematics teacher. Funnily enough, James is now a teacher himself, while Bede is a landscape architect (the not-shit kind).

Having moved to Australia’s cultural epicenter, Melbourne, to further their studies and get “proper jobs,” James and Bede noted a vast array of interesting gardens that were crying out to be documented. The story of Shit Gardens began when Bede worked out how to download the wildly popular mobile phone application Instagram. James was mightily impressed and convinced him to create a page of their own.

At this point, it’s fair to say that the rest is history, with @shitgardens quickly becoming a quintessential component of the “ugly-insta” aesthetic. From there, the concept began to evolve, with the duo putting on a surprisingly successful string of exhibitions, and then pooling their resources and scouring the suburbs in a burnt-out Camry to produce a coffee-table book.