Illustrator: Naomi Sloman

Affirmators!!® illustrator, Naomi Sloman, is no stranger to depicting wit, whimsy, and playfulness throughout her projects-just look at her "Gangsters A-Z" chart, which envisions notorious pop-culture gangsters as lovable animals (Al Capone is a bulldog!). 

Naomi’s journey into illustration began with a deep love for art during her school years, although she initially pursued a degree in modern languages and worked in business PR. Dissatisfied with the lack of creativity in her PR job, she decided to study part-time at Camberwell College of Art in London. This education provided her with the foundation to develop her illustration portfolio, leading her to set up an Etsy shop and secure commissions from independent shops and magazines.

Throughout her career, Naomi has found inspiration in the mundane, transforming everyday scenes with unusual details and subtle humor. Her creative process is fueled by observing quirky people and capturing their unique characteristics in her work. Travel also significantly influences her art, as evidenced by the sketchbooks she fills during trips to places like Japan and Argentina. Naomi Sloman’s journey is a testament to following one’s creative passions, trusting personal instincts, and finding inspiration in the everyday.

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