Designers: Spencer Charles and Kelly Thorn

Brooklyn design duo, Charles&Thorn

Kelly is the honey to Spencer’s vinegar. Spencer is the Tango to Kelly’s Cash. Together, they are Charles&Thorn, a husband and wife design team with complementary talents and a common penchant for cheese.

Spencer Charles was Senior Designer at Louise Fili Ltd, and is a graduate of the Cooper Union’s Type@CooperExtended Program. He recently taught Typography at the School of Visual Arts in New York and served as a Communication Design Judge for the Type Directors Club 63 Competition.

Kelly Thorn graduated in 2012 from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, interned at Hallmark Cards in 2011, and then went on to work at Louise Fili Ltd from 2012–2015 in NYC, where she and Spencer met.

Charles&Thorn is based in the Pencil Factory in Brooklyn. Spencer and Kelly work side by side, designing custom logotypes, typefaces, lettering, and illustrations for a variety of clients. They have been recognized by the Type Director’s Club, the Art Directors Club, as well as Print Magazine’s New Visual Artists of 2017. Their clients include Abrams Books, Barnes & Noble, Dollar Shave Club, Knock Knock (duh!), The New York Times, Target, Variety, as well as several magicians.

What do they do for fun? Glad you asked! Kelly gives stick-and-poke tattoos, dabbles in fiber arts, and sings the hell out of any Heart, Meatloaf, or Patsy Cline-type karaoke song. Spencer enjoys giving himself tiny cuts all over his fingers while creating stained glass pieces when he’s not exploring over-the-top conceptual lettering studies. They both spend about half of their day fawning over their pets, 19-year-old cat Cricket, who is basically a soup dumpling, and 1-year-old Princess Moonchild, who is a dog made mostly of pipe cleaners.