5 Days a Week Paper Mousepad

Put your mousepad to work! With our plentiful paper version, you can jot notes and important thoughts in the most convenient spot—right under your hand. Keep track of your busy week, and when you've made it through Friday, tear off the proof of your productivity and start the whole thing over.
  • Add style and organization to your week's calendar
  • Make all your desktop real estate count
  • 9.5 x 8 inches, 60 sheets
SKU: 12600
ISBN: 978-160106254-3
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Thank You Knock Knock for organizing my week!

I got one of these as a prize redemption at Dave and Buster's about three or four years ago and they have made organizing my week so much easier! Lots of room to write down all important appointments and meetings, love the boxes to check off the end of the day, and I especially like the snowball in **** section as I've had to rant quite a bit since 2016.

I've been using them for 4 years

I discovered these at The Container Store. I love them. Its a perfect solution to keep track of future and present tasks. I add little things that I have to remember months in advance and everyone wonders how I keep it all strait. I also keep all my past weeks so when its time for reviews I can look back at all the projects I have worked on and tasks I do regularly to beef up my accomplishments.

I’ve been using these over 5 years

Every school year, I use these to map out assignments for each class. It’s my favorite organizational tool.

Perfect productivity tool for pen and paper types

I need to see my schedule in front of me. This pad is really helpful in planning out my week. I arrange the day sort of by time so that I can see when there is space in my schedule and when things are tight.

Pea E.
Totally in love

This pad makes me smile and makes my day easier. You can write everything out, and I never lose the info because it's all right there. I'm so getting more, only wish I could find a purple one.

Wing C.

I love this notepad! It makes it so much easier to remember and organize my to-do's and it's very easy to see an overview of the whole week. The only thing I didn't like is that my mouse doesn't work on it as a mousepad. I'd like to have as little things on my desk as possible to stay focused without any unnecessary distractions, but I need to use a second mousepad for my mouse to work.