5 Lil' Hacks for Engaging with Your Affirmators!® Cards

Build An “I Am 98% Human Sunshine” Daily Affirmation Habit (& Score A Printable Tracking Grid!)

Affirmators! Card: Don't Take it Personally

Here are some creative ways to engage with your Affirmators! cards and build a daily affirmation practice with a twist! Try for a card a day … and if you're ready for a mini-streak, here's a 2-week printable tracking grid to get you going. (But no pressure.)

  1. Read your card out loud to yourself, in front of a mirror. (Maybe even a bunch of times?)
  2. Draw several cards to make a “spread” (à la rune stones or Tarot).
  3. Ask a specific question of your wisest inner self, or the Universe, before drawing a card. (Like, “Should I hop a plane to Iceland and maybe meet Björk?")
  4. Use your card of the day as a journal or doodle prompt.
  5. After reading your card of the day, hide it someplace to surprise you later—inside the fridge, medicine cabinet, etc.

Daily Affirmations Tracking Grid for Your Affirmators Affirmation Cards

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