Author: Jason Shapiro

Jason ShapiroMeet Jason Shapiro, author of The Memory Hoarder’s Journal—the ultimate repository for big memories, small memories, and everything in between.

Jason is a comedy writer/performer living in Los Angeles. He created and runs the popular Twitter account @LosFelizDaycare, which was named best Twitter feed of 2015 by LA Weekly. He’s written for Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, Syfy’s Reactor, Spike’s Guy’s Choice Awards, Funny or Die and Hello Giggles, and was featured in LA Weekly, Vulture, LAist, The Huffington Post, LA Times, Grantland, Slate, and Time. And he’s met Bob Dole. He’s quite the name-dropper. He’s currently developing a pilot based on @LosFelizDaycare, and he loves the band Phish. He loves Phish so much that he went to see them 16 times in 2016.

You can find him on Twitter @JDShapiro + @OoopsIFarted, on Instagram @JDShapiro, and probably in line at Chipotle. Don’t be a stranger!