Author: Megan Rubiner Zinn

Megan Rubiner ZinnMegan Rubiner Zinn, author of Our Precious Pooper, grew up in the Detroit suburbs in the perfect training ground for a humorist: a clever, loud, and funny family. Her smart mouth has gotten her farther than she ever imagined.

After fleeing academia and music publicity, she discovered that she could actually write her way out of a paper bag and went with it. Megan is a regular contributor to Knock Knock, and her essays have appeared in the New York Times, Salon, DAME, Jezebel, and Club Mid. Her other work is only occasionally funny: higher education development, marketing, and communications and history (to justify the M.A. in American Studies). She attempts to be amusing on Twitter (@mrzinn) and blogs at life in the little city when she can remember.

Megan has two boys, born in separate millennia. She raised them in order to research Our Precious Pooper—she’s just that dedicated to her craft. She lives with these delightful scamps and her husband in Northampton, Massachusetts. She also makes a mean pie.