Author: StupidFitCouple

StupidFitCouple, author of 50 Totally Stupid Real-Life Reasons to Work OutStupidFitCouple, author of 50 Totally Stupid Real-Life Reasons to Work Out, are Los Angeles based interior designer Karley Phillips and author/TV writer Aaron Denius. Both have always had a passion for health and fitness.

Karley is huge into health & wellness as well as art & design. Her whole life has been one artistic exploration and she’s happiest when she’s creating. You’ll most likely find an apple core or kale chip crumbs under a project she’s working on. She wants to inspire people to be salubrious and to find fulfillment in making life more beautiful and fun(ny)! When not creating something, Karley enjoys biohacking, being outdoors, going on adventures and trying every type of workout there is. She believes that everyone should be able to become the highest performing and happiest version of themselves.

Aaron is also creative and likes to express it through words. Most notably through writing books and TV shows. He grew up playing sports and is a former boxer and personal trainer. Though now his pursuits are more sedentary, as he hacks away at his latest young adult novel, he does take every opportunity he can to be active. He believes that improving one’s mental health through brain exercises is as important as their physical counterparts.

K & A lead double lives: full- time career people by day and fitness enthusiasts by night. They know that fitness is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, especially after stressful days at work. A little exercise and nourishing foods can do wonders in keeping a person sane. StupidFitCouple stemmed from the idea of showing that fitness can be fun & goofy, and still have a great impact.

In the oversaturated fitness world, there are many people that take themselves too seriously. K & A understand life is full obstacles but they like to tackle them with a tad bit of humor and encouragement. They both agree that a healthy lifestyle is great, but laughing is better. It has even been proven to make you healthy both physically and mentally!

You can follow them on Instagram at @StupidFitCouple and @AaronDenius.