Today's Plan of Attack Great Big Sticky Notes

Small sticky notes are great for brief missives, but sometimes you've got a little (or a lot) more to say. Enter the newest addition to our sticky family. They're kind of a great big deal.
  • Tackle tasks with military precision
  • Cool office supplies for the daily grind
  • 4 x 6 inches, 60 sheets stationery notepad
SKU: 12538
ISBN: 9781601067753
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Huston J.
Plan of Attack

Keeps me centered,organized, steady.

Sarah D.
A MUST for Online School

Since my university started online delivery, I have used this notepad EVERY DAY to help me prioritize and make sure I don't forget any tasks. It's been a life saver!!! Highly recommend!

helps sort and prioritize

Using this every day has really helped me prioritize when I am overloaded with extra work (as in, always). It's the perfect size and has sticky top-back strip like a stickynote, which makes it great for putting up beside you as you work to stay on task and consult priorities easily. At the end of the day, check off what you did, maybe even make a new one, and have that good feeling of starting fresh.

Great for organized chaos!

I love this! It helps me plan out my work day and helps me keep track of what i accomplished or didnt!

Only the Essentials

I am the queen of overly ambitious to do lists (like my to do lists tend to end up in the 200-300 item range). I love that this helps me focus (and is even humorous about it) on picking the important tasks to accomplish for the day.

Customer review

It's so useful and I seriously use it everyday to plan my evil schemes for the day (also known as work). I bought two so hopefully my roommate will love hers just as much as I do!