Pep Talks and Picker-Uppers for All Occasions

This goodie's gone for good—but we've got tons of other fun stuff on hand!

Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. Unfortunately, as our near and dear look to us for reassurance and wisdom, we often find ourselves at a loss for words. Pep Talks and Picker-Uppers for All Occasions provides verbatim lines to spread well-timed cheer and reality checks. With this pocket-sized prompter, your feel-good—or at least brilliant—advice is sure to give everyone, including yourself, a whole new outlook.
  • Chapters ranging from "Romantic Woes" to "The Daily Grind"
  • Over 560 pep talks and picker-uppers to choose from
  • Hardcover; 3.5 x. 5.75 inches; 112 pages
  • Written by Knock Knock
SKU: 50112